Hilairys Mabs: Lead Vocal
Olivier Price: Guitar / Backing vocal
Xavier Vallot: Bass Guitar
Emmanuel Thiot: Drums

Bluesy Pix is a Blues, Rock & Soul music band formed in 2015 in Lyon (FR) around Hilairys Mabs, a young singer with a warm Soul and Gospel voice, and Olivier Price, Blues & Heavy Rock guitar player who has sailed over the years in Pop, Rock, Funk, Heavy Metal and Blues! Two musicians with different backgrounds, influences and generations who gather around Blues, Rock and Soul Music. Vintage and old school tunes associated with a current vision of music, simple, beautiful and raw …

It is in February 2015 that Hilairys Mabs meets Olivier Price by ad.

Hilairys, with his beautiful and powerful Soul and Gospel voice, having sung in churches and participated in Rap projects, is looking for a Rock guitarist to play his songs in an original way.

For his part, Olivier musically questions himself and seeks various projects after dissolving his group of Hard Rock he directed for 5 years. He puts his guitar playing at the disposal of those who wish it.

As soon as they meet, the two musicians adopt and understand that musically the current passes!

They record some demos and try the experience of playing Hilairys’ songs on stage and a few times to see what their collaboration can look like …

It works!!!

Bluesy Pix gets serious about work!
The two musicians share their compositions and take back to their style the songs of the artists who influenced and united them. Like Michael Jackson, Bill Withers, Led Zeppelin, Tarantino movies soundtracks …

In a very short time, they set up a set of 2 hours, put several demos online and regularly play in the bars of Lyon such as Ninkasi, start to participate in festivals in the region and are interviewed or broadcast by radio and webzines (Radio France Bleu, Radio Canuts, Peps Up Music Webradio, Symbiose webzine, the “Buzzique” show for Les Enfants du Rhône radio, Radio Pluriel, Kosmic Webzine, …)

From July 2016, they alternate their concerts in duo or trio mode on which Emmanuel Thiot (former drummer of Olivier Price’s Hard Rock band) comes to join them on drums to bring heaviness and rhythm.

In August 2017, it’s the turn of bassist Fred Barouillet to join the adventure that will accompany them to the studio recording of the 1st E.P. He will then leave his place to Xavier Vallot in April 2019.

After 3 years of concerts and interviews, Bluesy Pix is releasing its first self-produced 6-track EP on June 15, 2019 which will be announced by Jazz Radio, Blues Magazine and Blues Alive 76. They will open for Manu Lanvin & The Devil Blues in January 2020 !!

The rest of the story is to live at every concert …