DATE: 2 July 2016
TIME: 21 h 40 min
LOCATION: Impasse de Taleaud, 01420 Corbonod, France
VENUE: La Trille En Vrille
Bluesy Pix at La Trille En Vrille Festival 2 July 2016

La Trille En Vrille festival is an open air Pop / Rock festival that takes place every year on the first Saturday of July.
Located in Ain (01) Corbonod near Seyssel and attracting about 1000 festival-goers, it offers the opportunity for groups in the Rhône-Alpes region to perform on stage.

If you are in the area that day, do not hesitate to stop, we will share the scene with:

7H30PM – 8H30PM : 28 Days Music –

8H40PM-9H40PM : Bluesy Pix –

9H50PM – 10H50PM : Goliath Band –

11H30PM – 0H30AM : TV Dolls –

0H40AM – 1H40AM : Falling Girl –

1H50AM – 2H50AM: Blue Blitz –

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