DATE: 18 January 2020
TIME: 20 h 00 min
LOCATION: 472 Rue de Thizy, 69400, Villfranche sur Saône
VENUE: Quai 472
Manu Lanvin and the Devil Blues + Bluesy Pix 18 January 2020

For the 3rd edition of the Froggy Night Live Festival, Quai 472 welcomes Manu Lanvin and his Devil Blues Band for a hot Blues night.

Manu Lanvin, now known as “THE DEVIL” in response to his huge back tattoo, became in a few years the new French Bluesman of reference.
Since 2012 and his collaboration with Calvin Russel, he chases success with his Blues albums and manages to conquer the entire blues planet, with the recognition of the greatest.

His hoarse voice and power, his image of rock dandy and his guitarist feel became the markers of the Manu Lanvin style, immediately recognizable and unavoidable.

His last album “Grand Casino” is a huge success and led him on an extraordinary European tour, displaying full on all his dates for more than 6 months without interruption … a real cardboard …

In the first part, the winner of the 19 October springboard at 472 Bluesy Pix, a quartet of Soul Rock Lyonnais whose first EP released in 2019 is a gem.
The interpretation of Hylairys Mabs singing is a rare strength, a mix of James Brown and Benjamin Clementine … ..

Tickets on sale on 20 euros
Only 300 places will be offered for sale.